temple of the wild

healing, transformation, and sexual alchemy


here in temple of the wild we offer a unique blend of sessions and trainings for the purposes of healing, embodiment, and transformation.we work through various modalities, including yogic/tantric and meditative practices, sacred medicines, sexual and relational alchemy, ancestral healing, energy work, somatic bodywork, ritual, divination, guidance, and also lightness and fun.our philosophy centers on the view that every moment is an opportunity for meditation and transformation through cultivating mindfulness and presence by actively engaging it in new skillful ways.an integral part of our practice involves deconstructig relationship narratives and dropping our self-centered projections in relationships. by willingly and patiently letting go of our deeply imprinted conditionings, surrendering our crawings and aversions, we open our self to our potential for profound transformation.the shamanic element of our practice, encompasses all aspects of the self, and works at a soul level addressing the root causes of blockages and discomfort. it is the sacred art of working with energy and spirit guidance, to bring forth transformation and healing.our highest priority is to create powerful, safe, and loving containers to help you release what is no longer serving you on a cellular level, and empower you in your growth to your potential.

sarcred sexual healing & embodiment

with monique or korel

this offering is built upon a holistic approach to sexual wellness, combining shamanic and tantric principles and ritual. the aim is to foster greater alignment/ awareness/ authenticity, deeper self-connection to your innermost self and body, and freedom from habitual and addictive sexual patterns.a safe ceremonial space is created, for openly sharing and embracing your true self, as the space is infused with inspired insights, love, and magic. the approach centers on profound understanding and relating, deep presence, unconditional love, acceptance, nurturing a judgment-free environment, and releasing the need to perform. you will be loved and embraced in a mature, non-romantic, and compassionate way.we also hold space for reframing personal and relational narratives, and limiting or negative beliefs, to encourage new perspectives, while fostering greater self-confidence/ self-worth/ self-acceptance, promoting honesty and deeper connection to oneself and others.every tailored session begins by creating a sacred ritualistic container. we set intentions and check-in to establish a strong connection, and attune to your needs. sessions unfold gradually, fostering openness and connection. through dialogue, insights, and warmth, we explore areas you may not often address, encouraging vulnerability and empowering new perspectives. the comfort and openness cultivated allows us to transition into somatic experiences including touch, leveraging our connection to go deeper. in this phase you might be lying down, or in a sitting position. this is a dynamic and interactive experience, though the practitioner is guiding, and the direction is from the practitioner towards you. we may utilize breathwork, energy clearing, sounds, sensory exploration, grounding techniques, shamanic sacraments/plant medicines, rituals, etc, as needed to fit your journey.for men, there may be an opportunity to work with the "sacred spot"- which can store unreleased heavy emotions, which largely contribute to prostate gland problems, and other blocked energies. this serves as a direct gateway to transforming and alchemizing physically, sexually, relationally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.for women, there is also opportunity to de-armor, deepening your connection to your womb. we hold for your remembrance that your power lies in your true innate essence as opposed to physical presentation and surface level conduct (appearance, body, age, sex acts).that said, our work together goes far beyond any singular body part, or what can be physically done to it. the true depth of this practice lies in the subtle realms of spiritual and emotional exploration.please note- more than any technique, the main offering provided is authentic presence, wisdom, maturity, and guiding energies. the value lies in the depth of experience and energy.It's important to understand that while touch is part of this practice, it is always intuitively guided, initiated by the practitioner, with the overall direction of interaction being from practitioner to client. the practitioner does not act as a romantic partner, date, traditional escort or provide physical activities in that manner- not gfe/not pse. we have clear boundaries.

with monique & korel

we also offer the above session together as a joint experience, amplifying its impact significantly, offering an initiation for those that are ready to go deeper.the presence of both a male and female partner creates a harmonious synergy that transcends gender preferences, while balancing and harmonizing the masculine and feminine polarities within you, nurturing wholeness and well-being. the dynamic between two partners amplifies the healing energy in the room, offering diverse perspectives, energies, and qualities that contribute to your transformative experience.

korel specializes in core tantric teachings, shamanic work, and energy work, which also brings an amplified element of healing and transformtion to this session.

this joint offering also has an option of utilizing the aid of sacraments to go even deeper, in a longer more ceremonial container.

we can co-create your uniquely tailored session(s) that addresses issues, and/or promote embodiment, healing and growth. we are also available for travel.please feel free to reach out with any questions or specific requests, or to schedule a complimentary consult call.

transformational ceremony

with monique & korel

this is a deep dive transformative journey, that utilizes sacraments to support your healing and personal growth. we work with subtle energies that encompass a higher-dimensional experience. it is common to experience energy transmissions, which can facilitate the release of blockages, traumas, and limitations holding you back, fostering inner harmony.in this ceremony, we work shamanically with sacred plant/earth medicines, holding a container for:

  • greater understanding of oneself, life purpose, and connectedness to the world

  • healing of wounding, traumas and repressed feelings, to address anxiety, addiction, depression

  • releasing fear, shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs, to restore naturality and authenticity

  • greater self-love/acceptance/care, confidence, empowerment

  • insights, clarity, inspiration

  • improved physical health and well-being

  • greater spiritual connection

  • activating and clearing of energy centers, promoting healthy flow and expression of your innate life force energy

  • transmuting lower vibration energies and maturation of your energy body

  • moving beyond limited and conditional experiencing of your reality, to a path of embodying the unconditional qualities of your soul

every ceremony is tailored to your needs. we create a sacred ritualistic container, beginning by setting intentions, then check-in to establish connection, grounding, and fine-tune to your needs. throughout the ceremony, we may utilize sounds, energy clearing, meditation, ancestral healing, divine connection, rituals, etc, as needed to fit your journey.we can co-create your uniquely tailored session(s) that addresses issues. we are also available for travel.please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or to schedule a complementary consult call.*ceremony is approximately 6-8 hours.

energy healing and bodywork

with korel

i offer this healing and attunement session to clear, align, and restore the innate natural flow within your body, energy, and mind.our bodies intricately preserve imprints from life's journey and our karmic ancestral legacy, encapsulating the memories of personal experiences, unresolved emotional turmoil from distressing periods, traumas, and intense life events that leave scars upon our body, energy and mind, which accumulate within us as stress, tension, constrictions, and habitual destructive tendencies.if left unaddressed, these charges and imprints can evolve into persistent discomfort in our body, energy, and mind, potentially manifesting as various diseases. By actively addressing, clearing, and integrating these energies, we can support and revitalize our overall well-being.i act as a facilitator for your system, guiding it to release accumulated energies and attachments that are no longer serving, while actively contributing to the restoration of your natural alignment and energy flow.throughout our session, i create an energized environment for the assimilation, healing, and integration of energetic and emotional blockages, including those caused by trauma, karmic imprints, and other blockages and stressors.this transformative process promotes a clear and refined energetic flow within your body, mind, and spirit. the result is a natural realignment with the innate vibrations of your being.each session is unique, and intuitively tailored to the energetic needs of the moment and what best supports your individual path.we begin our engagement through a check-in to explore the current elements in your life. This process allows me to tune in and listen to the messages conveyed by your body and energy, pinpointing areas that require attention. our focus extends to aspects of your life that hold personal significance, as well as recurring patterns or challenges that may be emerging and blocking your alignment with your higher intentions.we then move to somatic bodywork/energy work on a massage table. i work through a blend of physical/energetic, light to medium level intensity touch, on parts of your body while being in communiciation with you and working with your consent.

tantric healing and bodywork

with korel

the purpose of this session is to untangle and clear the extensive residues accumulated throughout your relationship history, and restore the innate natural flow and wellbeing within your body, energy, and mind.we aim to address the imprints and information stored within your body and energy, specifically targeting the emotional and energetic remnants left by past relationships.beginning with the maternal link through the umbilical cord, the navel center carries imprints of a complex web of emotions shared, accumulated, and exchanged.intimate sexual relationships create various connections that intertwine with existing emotional and relational heritage, leaving lasting imprints on our energy.this session dives deep into your core, channeling substantial energy and focus to clear, reorganize, and connect these influential energies that shape your perception of yourself in relation to others and the world.we work to unburden you, severing cords that no longer serve you, disconnecting from energies irrelevant to you, releasing highly charged emotions that have been accumulated, that are often linked to past relationships and sexuality.we also address the sexual center, clearing the imprints, scaring, and information impacting your sexual functioning. aligning and reunifying the energies of your sexuality with your natural and authentic sexual functioning and embodiment.each session is unique, and tailored to the energetic needs of your body. we typically start with a check-in to explore the current elements in your life and relationships, and move to somatic bodywork/energy work on a massage table.i work through a blend of physical/energetic, light to medium level intensity touch, on parts of your body while being in communication with you and working with your consent.* this is a progressive, delicate, and step-by-step process. we often start by having our focus on the re-alignment of your navel center together with your energy system as a whole, which might take several sessions, till and if, we are ready to start connecting and bringing our attention to the sexual center.

transformational mentorship

with korel

in person or online

i help optimize the way you function on your day to day life to bring about tangible changes to how you are experiencing your self and reality, while actively interfacing with your environment and community.

because there is much suffering in the experience of life, and there is a way to reduce it.

one's challenges often stem from the inner workings of the mind and its habitual conditionings. an unskilled and untransformed mind grapples with continuous suffering, projecting inner tensions onto life events and interactions. we work together to address the deep-rooted tensions, conflicts, distractions, and suffering, paving the way for a clear, open awareness of your natural state.

application of ancient technologies of consciousness. built upon the foundations of the core teachings of the buddha. to promote the mind to reset back to its nature.

central to this process is discharging the body/mind from habitual cravings and aversions, rehab'ing the mind. through meditation and mindfulness practices, sharpened awareness tools are applied to moment-to-moment interactions, leading to transformation through skillful practice in every waking moment.transformation is a physical process - mind and body are one unit, as one purges and clears their conscious/subconscious tendencies, the body purges and releases its tensions and constrictions. clearing and integration of the mind if done correctly, gets experienced physically, the mind starts to function in its clear and open nature so does the body. this is a somatic process.

we partner together to get the job done

our work together begins with understanding your unique makeup and way of functioning in life, co-creating a tailored plan that leverages your strengths and addresses weaknesses. we embark on refining and building new "muscle groups" through continuous optimization of your practice. core relationships, especially with your team and partner, take center stage, providing intricate layers of experience for skillful practicing.i guide you in bridging your meditation practice to your ongoing moment-to-moment experiences, creating a seamless, one ongoing practice that spans all areas of your experience and interactions with life.

some key areas that i provide guidance:understanding esoteric initiation and it's components for people of all walks of life
- understanding the core attitude and what is required to go through a truly palpable transformation
- outline the key components of practice and where and how they are practiced and applied
- define bottoms up top down components of practice- ongoing moment to moment engagement with the environment and one’s mind/specific meditation breath/energy practices, rituals etc
dropping the cravings, habitual tendencies and pains of ego/mind
- understanding what buddha thought as virtue and why it is in the center of practice
- every moment and every interaction is where you practice
- why practice of restraint is critical and how it is practiced in actively engaged life
- learning to let go of the source of suffering
working with energy systems
- why activate and work with energy
- breath and energy practices
- discover your energy system through your direct experiencing, mapping and cultivation
- healing and maturing of your energetic potential
sexual energy sublimation
- recognizing the power of this practice along with its preparatory training
- meditation and breath/energy practice foundations
- how to practice with a partner or solo
- what is required outside of the sexual sublimation practices- which is where the majority of the work is done!!
reframing your relationship to become a transformational container
- relationships are fast track to freedom if approached and utilized skillfully
- your partner is precisely pointing at where you are holding onto and feeding the cravings and aversions of your ego(s)
- your experience is a reflection of your practice. unskillfulness is experienced as stress, arguments, tension, and suffering. skillful actions leads to flow, ease, and healing.
- what you are experiencing with your partner can be used as the roadmap towards the maturation of your consciousness
guidance on specific challenges in one’s life and how to frame them in the context of one’s transformational opportunity
- help you to frame particular instances of your experience to skillfully work through and integrate
i offer this is as a 3-month mentorship program.
i also am available for one off sessions and time with me.

guidance & empowerment

with monique

in person or online

i provide a safe space for open sharing of experiences, challenges, and aspirations. with compassion and understanding, i support personal growth in various areas. together, we can explore reframing relationship and sexual narratives, releasing past wounds, improving communication, constructing a spiritual practice, and living a healthier holistic lifestyle. through empowering dialogues, i offer insight, advice, and presence. we can also create tools, practices (including breathwork), and rituals to enhance your well-being.for woman in particular, i offer guidance towards self-acceptance, and discovering your innate power beyond surface-level aspects (appearance, body, age, sex acts). we can also explore womb healing rituals, tapping into feminine power, fertility, wisdom, and sensuality, while addressing traumas or ancestral wounds. this can benefit menstrual and vaginal issues as well.together, we can uncover truths, gain empowering new perspectives, and help you align to your truth and power.


with korel or us both

kambo is the secretion of the giant green monkey tree frog, traditionally utilized by indigenous tribes in the amazon. it can have a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing benefits, so it is a great foundational practice. it’s often used synergistically with other plant medicines as an important prep step, so one can better handle, receive, and integrate the teachings and insights offered by the plant medicine.kambo is believed to purify and detox physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. it is said to cleanse the body, treating pain, infections, disease, toxins, impurities, and boosts the immune system. it may also facilitate mental emotional healing by helping release negative thoughts and emotions, promoting mental clarity and emotional wellbeing. It may be utilized as an ally in addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, and to help release blocked emotions. it can also help expand consciousness and deepen spiritual insights. it has been reported to provide great results in treating auto-immune disease, lyme, gastrointestinal issues, depression, and addiction. one can learn to be present, and learn to surrender and relax into pain and discomfort, which reshapes one’s relationship to physical and emotional suffering.kambo is administered through superficial burn points with a small hot stick, on the skin. the secretion is then applied to the points, and absorbed into the body. the ceremony is usually a couple of hours, while the experience is less than that and quite fast. kambo is not psychoactive, but can be physically and emotionally intensive. nausea and purging, vomiting, and/or using the toilet are most common. purging is thought to release emotional and energetic toxins. it is also common to feel heat rising, and increased heart rate, and facial/throat swelling. many people feel better, lighter, clearer, after a ceremony.*we do not claim to be or act as licensed medical providers, and none of the mentioned possible physical/emotional/mental benefits of kambo constitute as a medical advice.

end of life- rites of passage

with monique & korel

we help facilitate transitions to the other side, for individuals and beloved animals, approaching death, to ease the transition. we use rituals and specific practices to support the dying individual in letting go of their physical body and connecting with the spiritual realm. the intention is to provide comfort, guidance, and a peaceful passage, as one transitions from this life to the next. these rituals often involve honoring ancestors, seeking spiritual protection, and facilitating a sense of connection with the divine or higher power.

about monique

hi! i’m monique. through dedication to my healing journey, i've unlocked remembrances of who i am, and discovered my passion to support you in your own transformative process. with a holistic approach to healing and transformation, i draw from diverse practices, ancient wisdom, and personal experiences.born and raised in new york, i’ve always been a truth seeker, and found solace connecting with the unseen, and expressing myself through art. through my career in art, fashion, and television, i embraced the unconventional, allowing me to inspire others to embrace their uniqueness and push boundaries.alongside these pursuits, i delved into exploring human connection and sexuality, as an escort. this provided valuable lessons and a strong foundation in working with others intimately. however, i recognized that some practices didn’t align with my values.amidst what felt like a vibrant life and thrilling adventures, i sought fulfillment and validation from external sources, which led to emptiness, debilitating illness, addiction, and trauma. despite trying countless healing modalities, i realized true healing required confronting my deepest fears at the core of my being.i embarked on a transformative healing journey, and tbh i had no clue what i was in for (thankfully lol). i dove into intense practices, initiations, and trainings, with master teachers from ancient lineages worldwide, engaging shamanism, tantra, relational work, death and rebirth, ancestral work, and sacred plant/earth medicines. my life did a one eighty, and things changed fast.in the process, i confronted and transmuted deep repressed wounds including a lot relating to sexuality and relationships. the overwhelming extent of fear, shame, guilt, and rage made me want to run away, but instead pushed me to go deeper, exploring healing sexual and relational issues in new ways. i transitioned to embrace my role as the mature feminine.by reclaiming my true self, i've discovered that true power and value transcends surface-level aspects and societal expectations. this realization has become a pillar of the medicine i share. now, i'm here to share my learnings and provide an opportunity to heal and alchemize the wounds we carry.my unique practice blends shamanism, sacred medicines, tantra, sexual and relational alchemy, ancestral healing, energy work, breathwork, ritual, divination, and empowering dialogues. i infuse the space with care, playfulness, intimacy, authenticity, and deep understanding.your healing is my healing, and i'm committed to your empowerment and homecoming.

about korel

my journey started in my homeland, turkey back in 2001, following a powerful insight of clear presence that i received while sitting under the guidance of master plants. following this insight that gave me conviction of the potentials of consciousness, i embarked on an extensive study of plant medicines, yoga and meditation delving into various disciplines such as kriya, and kundalini yoga, and initiation into sufi path.over the years, my journey expanded to encompass a wider spectrum of shamanic practices of southern american and african origins, hindu and buddhist tantric paths, meditation practices of wide array of traditions including western alchemical orientation, extensive study into energy systems and cultivation of the central channel working with kundalini energy, breathwork and ayurveda. i sought out and learned from master teachers around the world, connecting with different ancient lineages from south america, india, tibet, africa, and homeland turkey. alongside these practices, i dove into extensive period of men's work, both as a participant and as a leader, as well as psychoanalysis, to integrate the deep psychological purging and transformations that i was experiencing.while immersing myself on my development through spiritual paths, i simultaneously participated as a software engineer, eventually assuming the role of head of product at the largest commercial leasing platform, a venture i helped establish.the combination of my endeavors in the fast-paced and active world of technology and my spiritual training provided a fertile ground for me to learn how to integrate these two worlds. this integration work became a core aspect of my personal development and what i now share with the community.in 2017, in synchronicity to several simultaneous endings, of my last job, significant relationship, and my father transitioning, which catalized a dark night of the soul moment, i surrendered to my inner calling and dedicated my self to full-time practices, with a vision to heal and grow as a healer, and establish a shaman's hut on my corner of the concrete jungle, and go through what it that takes to manifest this vision ground up.in my healing journey i naturally started to combine powerful shamanic ways with the yogic and meditative practices, and western alchemical practices, yielding powerful synergies.during this time i received kambo practitioner training through iakp that initiated me to working with a medicinal frog from the jungle, kambo, that carries powerful detoxing and healing capabilities of body, energy, and mind, which became very central to my work over time.i also received several trainings and initiations from my dear teacher malidoma some who connected me to the ways of african shamanism, to my diviner nature, working with the ancestors, and the forces, energies, and beings of nature, completely altering and upgrading the trajectories of my journey.the next phase of my development re-connected me to the original teachings of buddha as recorded in the pali canon. restraint, virtue, and renunciation became areas of deep practical study and integration into my practice.being in participation in life in a state / and practice / of renunciation naturally became a very core component of the way i practice, as my inner guidance naturally started to move in this direction.bridging this way of practicing, with sexual alchemical practices became a critical and central part of my path and practice. which took me to deep study of the scriptures of hindu and buddhist tantras, to continuous study of why and how of the sexuality including rituals and practices that was practiced by the practitioners of these regions with long recorded but also encrypted records of the practices.the synchronicities around my life coupled with the inner guidances that i kept receiving made it clear that the domain of sexual energy integration had a strong significance to my path. the paradoxical relationship of this force to transformation and growth provided a natural drive to unlock the potentials of this domain.drawing from a vast array of teachings and lineages, i strive to harness and integrate the immense power that these ancient practices offer. my journey took me through a path that demanded me to learn to live and integrate these ways in our unique cultural and social ways of the urban environment, which has catalyzed me to build the skills to integrate to the requirements of being a citizen of new york.going through the intensive processes of transformation, in our hut in the concrete jungle, has been, and continues to be, a deep and fruitful learning experience.i have been guiding people on their healing and transformation paths along the way which is a deep inspiration for me to be a part of. if you relate to my journey or work, it would be an honor to be in service to your unfoldment, i am driven to share the knowledge with other practitioners and fellow travelers.

about bodhi

actual boss of temple of the wild. (and everything).


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